The Keefer
Safe betting websites and new betting ideas!

Here at the The Keefer we help you find new betting ideas and safe websites to bet on.
We've got over 150,000 new betting ideas for you.

Safe websites

Our systems check each recommended betting website for everything from an expired SSL certificate to where the website is hosted. Is it in the UK or is it in Russia!? We also check if other users are complaining about it and even if other users are searching for complaints about it. You're safety when betting online really means a lot to us.

New betting ideas

See what other people are searching for when betting online. We pull in data from around the web to help you find new betting ideas. We are the KING of niche betting ideas. We have over 150,000 betting ideas.

Betting really never gets boring with us!

Please note we are currently in beta so our 150,000 betting idea index is only going to get bigger!

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